1. Coverage of these Terms of Service

Within his registration at the user accepts these Terms of Service and agrees to follow them. These Terms of Service apply to all offers and materials which are related to

2. Conditions of participation

Using the services at shall be possible to every user who is allowed by applicable law to use services at no charge as well as billable services. Note that a registration at is required to use the services.The user is committed to give the requested information accurately.

  1. The user himself is responsible for the content of his uploaded data files. Its the users business to assure that no data files that violate the law are uploaded. Furthermore the user has to respect the copyright law. Softronics Communication AG declines any kind of responsibility for the uploaded data files of the user.
  2. It is the users duty to inform himself regularly about changes in the Terms of Service of The current terms and conditions are always linked on

The contractual relationship is subject to Swiss law.

3. Provision for minors

Minors are allowed to use the services on if the following conditions are given. The minor must be aware of the consequences of his registration at and the following processing of his data. Furthermore he must be able to understand and follow the Terms of Service of If the legal guardians of a minor allow the use of a service which needs a registration at, they are responsible for the use of, misuse and as the case may be for damages caused by the use of Furthermore the legal guardians are aware that they have to bear the claim for damages of a third party against Softronics Communication AG, if the damage was caused by the minor.

4. Prices

The free subscribtion for the MyStorBox basic service includes no hidden costs. The features and benefits of the free version can always be changed. Free accounts can be deleted After inactivity of 2 years.

If the user subscribes for sevices with costs in conjuction with MyStorBox, the prices to pay are due to the accordant price list. If the user does not comply with his duty of payment in due time, Softronics is authorized to lock the users account without previous notice. The data of a locked account is still kept for 28 days. Within this period the user can activate his account at any time by settling the account. After expiration of the time limit all stored data is deleted irrevocably.

5. Privacy

Personal information collected during the user registration at is used by Softronics Communication AG within the regulations of law. No data is passed on to a third party. This applies as long as Softronics Communication AG is not obligated by law to release certain information. Softronics Communication AG treats all data files strictly confidential.

6. Sharing a link

The customer acknowledges that he is solely responsible for sharing content. He can deactivate the link and cancel the release at any time. After the maximum number of downloads has been reached or the maximum validity period has expired, the download link is automatically deactivated.

7. Disclaimer and limitation of liability

The users use at their own risk. Softronics Communication AG does not guarantee that the services provided within are available at all time without interruptions, timely, secure and error-free. Softronics Communication AG assumes no liability for loss of data or information, may it be within the provided storage area at or on storage media of the user. Any information and advice connected to the services offered at given to a user, may it be either on a website, per email or per fax, either written or oral does not result in any guarantee on part of Softronics Communication AG unless it was explicitly agreed on. Softronics Communication AG assumes no liability for undeserved official sanctions, labour disputes and interruptions by Acts of God or due to force majeure as well as accidental damages. The user accepts that the services at could not be provided with the current conditions without the disclaimer and the limitation of liability. The disclaimer applies also in aid of the employees of Softronics Communication AG who are responsible for the maintenance of

8. Changes of service

Softronics Communication AG can define at its own discretion which services are provided and how extensively they are provided at Restrictions, extensions and changes of the services offered at are allowed at any time.

9. Changes in Terms of Service

Changes and extensions of this Terms of Service become effective through publication at and/or through an email. The user commits to regularly read and accept these Terms of Service. Changes of these Terms of Service count as accepted a month after the publication on the website, unless the user submits a written objection. To enter an objection its sufficient to write an email to The subject heading has to contain the word "objection". Within the users objection his membership with access to ends, without a need for further explanation through Softronics Communication AG.

10. Part invalidity

If a clause of this Terms of Service or a new clause added in the future is or becomes impracticable or void, the legal effect of the other clauses of these Terms of Service will not be affected. The following shall also apply if the provisions of these Terms of Service should be found to be incomplete. Instead of the impracticable or void clause or to cover any incompleteness an adequate provision which is approximate to what the parties wanted or would have wanted if they had thought about that point within the conclusion of this agreement or the future adding of a provision becomes effective.

11. Account termination If a user violate against the Terms of Service or against the law, Softronics Communication AG has the right to cancel the contract with the user without previous notice. The termination happens through the deletion of the user-account and all data files which were uploaded by the user. The termination can take place without prior warning. 12. Terms of use
  • It is forbidden to upload malicious data files especially such with the intent of abusing the services of
  • The user has to act in a way that neither nor the users of nor their data files get damaged and that no disturbance is generated.
  • Using in a way which does not correspond to the original purpose of is forbidden.
  • Only one account per person is allowed.

Softronics Communication AG reserves the right to delete an account with all the corresponding data files in case of a violation of this agreement.

13. Legal notice

Softronics Communication AG
St. Dionysstrasse 31
CH-8645 Jona

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