Nouveautés de MyStorBox

26.10.2021 Nouveau MyStorBox-Client Version 1.4

Le nouvelle MyStorBox-Client Version 1.4 rend le stockage en ligne encore plus facile à utiliser. Par exemple, le téléchargement de dossiers entiers sans fichier ZIP. Le client est disponible pour Windows, MAC et Linux.

15.02.2021 Fonction de partage pour tous

La fonction Partager est maintenant disponible pour tous les clients de MyStorBox. Partagez facilement du contenu avec vos amis.

08.04.2020 Nouvelles fonctionnalités pour le partage

Le partage de contenu sans connexion à MyStorBox a été étendu. Vous pouvez maintenant ajuster les permissions sur le dossier partagé.

15.07.2019 Copy Files & Folders

You can now copy files and folders directly within MyDrive.

26.06.2019 Drag & Drop Upload

Files and whole folders can be uploaded by drag & drop

17.06.2019 Video thumbnails

Videos are now also displayed with a thumbnail.

15.06.2019 Easier operation

The presentation of the data in the web browser has been simplified and provided with new icons.

06.05.2019 WebDAV Integration

Integration via WebDAV is now faster and more stable.

05.05.2019 Browse shared content

Sharing content without a login has now become even easier and clearer. Shared data can now be viewed and downloaded.

13.12.2018 Share contents

MyDrive Pro customers can easily share files or folders with a download link. The link allows you to download the files or folders without logging in.

15.11.2018 New file preview

Our file preview has been completely revised. Now you can view PDF, audio, video, image and text files directly online.

24.07.2018 Adjustment to the Upload

When uploading files via web browser, the modification date of the local file is also transferred to MyDrive.

12.07.2018 Standard-Upload upgraded

Our Standard-Upload now supports multiple file uploads at the same time and replaces the Flash-Upload

18.05.2017 New available starting from 1 month!

The online storage MyDrive can now also be ordered with a runtime of 1 month or more.

18.04.2017 MyDrive-Client Version 1.3

The upload of data with the option "Overwrite if newer" has become many times faster.