About MyStorBox

MyStorBox is a free and secure online storage service.

With a simple, easy-to-use interface you can organize your data and access it from all over the world, at any time

How secure is MyStorBox?

As a user you profit from the fact that all servers run in our modern data centers. Using the latest technologies your files are protected from outside threats:

What can I use MyStorBox for?

MyStorBox as a sharing platform

MyStorBox as a collaboration platform

MyStorBox as online backup

Keyboard shortcuts


  • j Next object
  • k Previous object
  • o Open object
  • u Go to parent folder
  • <SHIFT> + R Reload current folder


  • s Select object
  • <SHIFT> + A Select all objects


  • d Download selection
  • v View selected files
  • c Create folder
  • r Rename selection
  • p Show properties
  • <SHIFT> + M Move selection
  • <SHIFT> + X Delete selection


  • <SHIFT> + H Go to home directory
  • <SHIFT> + Q Logout
  • / Focus search field
  • ? Show keyboard help

Media Player

  • Right View next file (hold to fast forward)
  • Left View previous file (hold to rewind)
  • Up Increase volume 5%
  • Down Decrease volume 5%
  • Space Play / pause video or audio
  • j Rewind 15 seconds
  • l Fast forward 15 seconds
  • m Mute / Unmute volume
  • 1 - 9 Seek to the given percentage (10% - 90%)
  • 0, Home Restart video or audio
  • Escape Close player